PETA no longer at war with Beyonce

Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) has called off its war with Beyonce Knowles after discovering the newlywed pop sensation has ended her love affair with fur.
The singer was once near the top of PETA's 'hitlist' because of frequent sightings of her wearing fur coats.
A member even won an auction to have lunch with her, only to confront her with video footage showing animals being skinned for fur.
But the group has decided Knowles is now fur-free - and sent her a fake fur throw as a wedding present to mark her marriage to Jay-Z last week.
The accompanying note reads: "From all of us at PETA, we wish you much happiness in your life together. Please accept this faux-fur throw with many good wishes and a hope from us that together, you'll be a fur-free couple!"
PETA Vice President Lisa Lange says: "Celebrities know that the easiest way to keep PETA off their backs is by keeping fur off their backs. Time will tell if Beyonce is truly committed to being fur-free, but all indications are that she's become a real 'dreamgirl' for fur-bearing animals."

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