Tigers killed for skin

tiger skin,animal cruelty

tiger killing


animal cruelty

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Chef Erik said...

Thats messed up. I can't believe people would do that.

dana wyzard said...

EVERYWHERE I look are examples of the stupidity and cruelty of humans.

footiam said...

Many chickens and ducks suffer a similar fate!

balidreamhome said...

this is another prove of how human being can be more animal then actual animal, so sad!!


anyone who does that to an animal deserves to have it done to them!!!!

Bethany H :) said...

yeah, but those people need to eat. I am not saying what they are doing is ok, but tons of people have to kill animals every day, so that they won't starve to death.

We should be much more agianst child abuse than animal crulty. Every 6 hours a child will die from there parrents abusing them.

If we can't even treat humans, our own kind good, how do you ever expect us to treat animals well?

sasha said...

this is so wack.... why would anyone do this it's sooooo STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Agree With cottontail

Ray said...

No shit ! another culture another country from away with different view points.
Yes ! I see a point being made on
endangered species , That's it.
What's this have to do with vegan's .
Stick with what you know best? ,
Not what you dislike visualy.
I just hate it when others push their values on others when they themselves have no scope on the full picture .

Madeleine Kei said...

I Think that animals should have rights- The rights to live. Is that to much to ask? Is it so hard for millonaires to give up wearing Donna Karen fur?
Animals deserve to keep the skin their in, just like us.

hep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb said...

There is no excuse for cruelty to animals whether you eat meat or not.
I do not think it is necessary in any way to cage and treat these wild animals this way. Yes child abuse goes on as we know, and that is another issue that needs dealing with. It seems most people have no respect for animals or the enviroment. Many animals suffer for their fur or for meat or certain parts.
# The population of wild tigers has plummeted from 100,000 a century ago to around 4,000 today. China, the country where the tiger species is believed to have originated, has fewer than 25 tigers left in the wild along its borders with Russia and Laos. China’s population of tigers on its border with Russia could recover – as long as trade remains closed within China.
Tigers are vital to the health of ecosystems. The loss of these flagship species impacts biodiversity, deprives nations of rightful revenue from tourism and agriculture, and puts food security and the health of people at risk.
Tiger farms were established and are managed primarily for commercial trade, not conservation, driven by profit from the sales of tiger-bone wine and skins. At present, all commercial trade in tigers and their products is illegal. But as long as there are tiger farms that promise a future reopening of tiger trade, the ban cannot be effective.

Since initiating a domestic ban on tiger trade in 1993, the Chinese government has removed tiger bone as an ingredient in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pharmacopeia and invested in the development of effective alternative medicines and public awareness campaigns. It has been very effective in protecting wild tigers by stopping the previously legal market, reducing demand and allowing some fragile tiger populations to stabilize, such as the Siberian tiger in the Russian Far East.

A contingent of business owners with financial interest in large-scale tiger farms and their supporters are now pushing China to rescind the ban. Permitting even a limited trade in farmed tigers within China will undermine decades of conservation efforts across the range of the tiger by reigniting a market demand that has nearly been extinguished and increase poaching of wild tigers.

Poaching will always be too cost-competitive an option to ignore: consider the price of a bullet, trap or poison to kill a wild tiger against an estimated US$4,000 to US$10,000 to raise a farmed tiger to maturity. Wild-sourced products are also consistently perceived to be superior by consumers, a situation that has resulted in wild Asiatic black bears being poached despite the saturation of the Chinese market with bear bile from farmed bears.

Finally, the notion that tigers bred on a farm can be reintroduced to the wild, thus contributing to the survival of wild populations, has no factual basis. Farmed tigers are likely to be too genetically and behaviorally compromised to be released into the wild.

Farming tigers for trade will only hasten the irreplaceable loss of a species on the brink. With improved enforcement, existing bans can wipe out tiger trade before tiger trade wipes out wild tigers.

Mitsy1212:) said...

I hate you people a lot im not even lying.

Ziah said...

Ok first of all Bethany H, they are selling the FUR for money it is much different than child abuse. Child abuse is a complete different story. Maybe if people skinned the child and sold the skin? I don't understand how people can compare them to each other. They are both cruel! If your argument is they need to eat meat and they'll starve to death if they don't, then that is the worst argument in the world. I'm vegetarian, my parents and their parents were too. I'm alive, I'm not starving, I'm healthy. if that's your argument then i guess you support Whaling too? and Shark fin soup?

bonny said...

i dont believe people can even be so cruel to Tigers..It's so sad tht people are losing the Humannity :(

Untrusting Faith said...

This is Bethany H. from above. I have different views on the whole situation now. Considering I wrote my last comment when I was twelve, I think it's ok.
Still though, in all reality, they are just animals. Don't get me wrong, I love animals to death. I believe we should preserve them and do everything we can to protect them. On the other hand, there are greater issues at hand that should be delt with first. Of corse this act isn't right (though if they are selling the fur to feed their families, can you blame them?), but there is no point in arguing about it. Everyone has different ways of seeing things, including the people who are doing these things which we see as barbaric.

Gopinath said...