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This blog provides platform for vegetarians to unite and promote vegetarianism and to fight against cruelty towards animals

The only eligibility required to write on this blog is that you have to be a vegetarian or want to promote vegetarianism.

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Lisa Musser said...

Great blog! I hope we can get more people to be aware of what is going on in the world.

Lisa Musser said...

Living an Eco-friendly and cruelty free lifestyle.

As an Eco-friendly Wiccan, I posted that I had recently made the switch to a vegetarian diet. Some Wiccans, are vegetarian or vegan. One of the principles in Wicca and Witchcraft, is a life in balance. That means to be in harmony and balance with nature and the world around us. So to some of us, that means not financially supporting an industry that is cruel and inhumane to animals. Hundreds of animals are destroyed every day in the name of meat production. Some of these animals are still alive when they start the processing. I wont describe here what goes on, but if your interested look at the PETA website and watch the video titled “Meet your Food”. You definitely will not look at eating and meat consumption the same way again.

So as part of my new lifestyle, I have been looking for ethnic recipes for my new diet to fight the recipe boredom that always follows. I decided to try some Vegetarian dishes from India, Japan, China and The Carribean. I will come back and post my favorite recipes later on. In the meantime, if anyone has a favorite vegetarian meal please let me know I’d love to have the recipe. If you’d like you can post it in the comments section and I’ll make a readers contribution list to post everyone’s recipes along with mine. Great way to share our knowledge!

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hydelpage said...

I feel good being a vegetarian. Few months ago I have become one. I appreciate it and i am enjoying it. I'm just very curious about something...Do all vegetarians and vegans thinks that "we are living in hell" because animals eat other animal? Your opinions would be of a very great help.