Become a Vegetarian, Without Too Much Trouble

There are many reasons to become a vegetarian, besides the most obvious humanitarian one. It’s wrong to take a life just because we are more powerful, and when the killing is for hedonistic reasons, it’s even worse. When you become a vegetarian, your health improves and you feel fitter and more energetic than ever before without all that unhealthy fat that hinders digestion and adds to your weight. So if you’re contemplating turning over a new leaf and forgoing all meat products for good, here’s how you can do it the easy way:

Start out slowly: Some people find that quitting cold turkey works for them, but for most others who love eating meat, it’s the slow method that works permanently. Start out by giving up a few non-vegetarian items that are the unhealthiest and then slowly eliminate the rest from your diet. Eat less of pork and other fatty red meats, and more of fish and chicken to satisfy your taste buds. And as the days go on, you know you can give these up too because you’ve kept your resolve with the other meats.

Try it for a month: Some people take it up as a challenge and go vegetarian for a month. They find that it is easier to stick to being a vegetarian when they have a time limit, and at the end of it, when they find that they feel much better and have lost weight, it’s easier to continue this diet. When you know you can do it for a limited period of time, it’s easy to do it permanently too.

Buy vegetarian: My journey to vegetarianism began when I avoided buying meats during any shopping trip. With only veggies and fruits in my fridge and freezer, I had no choice but to cook vegetarian. I found that I did not miss meat all that much when it was not available, so it was easy to avoid it on the rare occasions we did eat out. So shop healthy, and become a vegetarian the easy way.

Indulge your favourite veggie treats: If you feel the craving for meat, indulge your taste buds with your favourite vegetarian food like cake or ice cream. This helps you stick to your resolve during the initial period when temptation tries to get the better of you. But remember that this is a short term strategy and not one to be adopted forever if you want to remain healthy and slim.

Substitute non vegetarian ingredients in recipes: If a recipe calls for meat, find a tasty vegetarian alternative. In general, the key is to trick your taste buds into loving vegetarian food and not missing meat so much that you break your resolve and go back to eating unhealthy and fatty food.

If you’re on the borderline and wondering if you should cross over to becoming a vegetarian, don’t think twice; just do it!

This article is written by Shannon Wills, who writes on the topic of Physical Therapy Assistant Schools . She welcomes your comments at her email id : .

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